Self-treatment for heartburn due to reflux

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What helps with heartburn?

Tips and home remedies for self-treatment for heartburn from reflux

Heartburn from reflux can be successfully reduced or avoided with simple means. Instead of eating a few large portions of food, frequent small meals should be taken. Spicy, high-fat, fried, deep-fried, very acidic foods and products made from white industrial sugar and flour should be largely avoided because they excessively stimulate the acid production of the stomach. Many people also know which meals are intolerable and should avoid them. Alcohol, caffeine, tobacco as well as carbonated and ice-cold drinks are also poorly tolerated because they irritate the stomach and thus usually aggravate the symptoms. Extensive chewing of the food ("fletching") relieves the digestive process in the stomach.

The (digestive) strength lies in calm. Because the control of digestion in the stomach is also subject to the vegetative nervous system and the vagus (parasympathetic) is responsible for gastric movement and gastric juice production, it is recommended to take meals without time pressure and in a quiet environment. Continuous stress can also limit digestibility. Learning relaxation procedures, e.g. of yoga, tai chi, self-hypnosis or autogenic training can help sustainably.

After eating, make sure you move lightly. Great effort, stooping, pressing and lying flat increase the backflow of acid into the esophagus. For the same reason, it can be helpful to sleep with your upper body elevated at night. Before sleeping, nothing should be eaten (approx. 1-3 hours).

Herbs, earth, cabbage and salt help with heartburn. Naturopathy can help with heartburn. A tea blend e.g. from calamus root (20g), yarrow (20g) and peppermint (10g) works among other things stimulates the stomach muscles and accelerates gastric emptying. Infusions from chamomile flowers and juniper berries have a calming and soothing effect, although the latter are not suitable for treatment during pregnancy.

Healing earth (e.g. Luvos or Bullrich's) mixed in water or as a capsule chemically and physically reduces the amount of acid: The finely ground loess grains have a large surface that binds and absorbs toxins. Excess gastric acid is also neutralized by the natural minerals and trace elements.

White cabbage juice is also said to have a neutralizing and absorbing effect on stomach acid if it is drunk regularly over a week or two. The juice can be bought in the health food store or freshly squeezed at home using the juicer. Minerals according to Schüßler, especially Schüßler Salt No. 9 (sodium phos.) Can help with acid regurgitation. If the esophagus is already burning, it should be taken alternately with No. 2 (calcium phos.). (Dipl.Päd.Jeanette Viñals Stein, naturopath, January 9, 2010)

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