Inadequate treatment for concussions

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Often inadequate treatment for concussions

Concussions are often not given sufficient attention and treatment by doctors, although they can be serious brain injuries that can lead to serious consequential damage - this is the conclusion that Canadian scientists came to after evaluating the medical histories of 434 children who suffered from a Brain injury had been admitted to the children's hospital in the Canadian city of Hamilton. Of the children, 300 had a serious brain injury, and 32 percent of this group were diagnosed with a "concussion".

Despite the assessment of the injury as “serious,” these children ultimately stayed in hospital care for fewer days than the children diagnosed with “mildly traumatic brain injury.” The problem with this: although the two diagnoses may be serious in terms of severity The injury appears to be different, since it describes one and the same clinical picture, namely damage to the brain, which can have serious consequences. may sound less frightening and worrying than "mild brain injury" and is more likely to be associated with rapid healing. In terms of risky trivialization, according to DeMatteo, the family also play an important role, because in many cases the parents would also have a concussion g do not look at them with the necessary seriousness and regard their children as "cured" far too soon after they are discharged from the clinic and do not continue to pay attention to protection. According to the Canadian scientists, however, this behavior would increase the risk of further brain injury and, under certain circumstances, lead to poorer academic performance of the child due to the inadequate recovery. (sb, January 20, 2010)

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