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The popular solidarity welfare organization calls for a hardship regulation for additional health insurance contributions

With the planned additional contributions from the health insurance funds, the people's solidarity calls for a hardship provision for recipients of basic social security benefits Hartz IV (SGB II and SGB XII), pensioners and low-wage earners. "Those who have an income of less than 985 euros - d. H. below the current garnishment exemption limit for labor income - must be exempted from the additional contributions. ”The Federal Managing Director of the Social and Welfare Association, Volkssolidarität, explained Dr. Bernd Netherland, on Wednesday. He criticized that the additional contributions would exacerbate social injustices and increase the barriers to access to healthcare for all.

Possible alternatives have not been examined, the federal manager regretted. Additional contributions would certainly be avoidable by raising the contribution ceiling in statutory health insurance, paying cost-covering contributions for the long-term unemployed and stricter regulations against the emigration of high-earners to private health insurance. "We criticize that the Federal Government is not considering these options at all, but has preferred to serve clientele interests in the health sector," emphasized the Netherlands

"We call on the federal government to alleviate the social imbalance of the additional contributions, at least for those parts of the population who are particularly disadvantaged because of their low incomes. A clear and simple hardship regulation based on the current seizure exemption limit could contribute to the negative effects to mitigate the additional contributions somewhat. It would be logical to extend this exemption from the additional contributions to the practice fee and additional payments. " The Netherlands pointed out that such a hardship regulation could also reduce the bureaucratic effort for health insurers and avoid dunning procedures. "This would be in the interests of those affected and the health insurers." (pm, Jan 27, 2010)

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