Studies: lung sport helps with shortness of breath

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Studies: lung sport helps with shortness of breath, sparing exacerbates

In people with chronic-narrowing lung diseases (COPD), breathing difficulties can be reduced by appropriate physical exertion. Pulmonologists of the German Society for Pneumology and Respiratory Medicine (DGP) in Werne (near Hamm) refer to two new studies from Norway that provide recommendations for people with such symptoms.

Respiratory distress can be reduced in people with chronically narrowing lung diseases through appropriate physical exertion. Pulmonologists from the DGP in Werne refer to two new studies from Norway that provide recommendations for people with such symptoms. People with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (German: COB and English: COPD) usually have a problem with exhalation. Thus, shortness of breath occurs during physical exertion. This often seems to result in those affected avoiding physical exertion. And so a vicious cycle starts, because it leads to a further reduction in performance. And there can be further effects in the organism: due to the lack of stress, the bones thin out and osteoporosis can occur.

During training, especially for patients with COPD, Norwegian scientists have now developed important information in new studies. If breathing difficulties occur during training, the use of pure oxygen can be helpful. It increases the oxygen saturation in the blood and so the shortness of breath sets in less quickly during training. Another study showed that on an ergometer during bicycle training it can be advantageous if the COPD exercisers use only one leg in succession. In this way, the training effect increases without being associated with an increase in the oxygen requirement of the organism. This alleviates the possibility of shortness of breath during training.

With adapted training, COPD sufferers can reduce breathlessness, improve physical resilience and, of course, subsequently improve their quality of life. However, this is not only an indication for the patient, but also for the attending physician. You should individually encourage COPD patients to become active again and not be gentle. (Thorsten Fischer, naturopath osteopath, 01.03.2010)

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