Swine flu: vaccine to sell cheaply?

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Swine flu: vaccine to sell cheaply?

According to media reports, vaccines against the H1 / N1 virus, which apparently are no longer consumed, are to be sold to Pakistan. Specifically, it should be about the vaccine "Pandemrix" from the pharmaceutical manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline, about which negotiations are being held with Pakistan about a sale. According to a report by the newspaper “Westfalen-Blatt”, 10 million vaccine doses are to be sold there.

The Lower Saxony Ministry of Health leads the negotiations for the federal states. There it was said that at the moment they did not want to express themselves in more detail, but the negotiations were obviously successful and might be completed soon.

The reason for the initiative is the fact that far fewer people than expected were vaccinated against the swine flu virus and the disease itself was much milder than predicted. Because of these facts, the authorities, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), which pushed for vaccination and the declaration of the pandemic, are under criticism.

According to media reports, there are already the first cases of recourse claims in Germany from people who were vaccinated and who subsequently experienced various unexpected symptoms. (Thorsten Fischer, naturopath osteopathy, 07.03.2010)

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