VDK: Flat rate per head unsettles patients

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Head allowance unsettles patients: VdK President Mascher: "Low earners and pensioners are the losers"

The social association VdK Germany criticized the plans of Federal Minister of Health Philipp Rösler to introduce an additional head allowance of EUR 29 per month from 2011 onwards. VdK President Ulrike Mascher: "Legally insured employees and pensioners are only made insecure by such unfair plans really a bureaucratic monster. "

In the opinion of the VdK, the planned EUR 29 head allowance represents a significant additional burden for low-wage earners and pensioners, which cannot be offset by the elimination of the 0.9 percent special contribution. The social compensation from the state treasury promised by Rösler would make millions of supplicants.

It also remains open whether Rösler's total bill will work. A head bonus of 29 euros would add 14.7 billion euros in additional revenue. However, this is offset by loss of revenue of 10 billion euros due to the planned cancellation of the 0.9 percent special contribution as well as a deficit of 11 billion euros predicted for 2011 in the health fund and the necessary financing of social compensation of 5 billion euros. "Solidly financed looks different," said VdK President Mascher. (Michael Pausder, 03/15/2010)

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