Loneliness can raise blood pressure

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Study: Does loneliness lead to high blood pressure?

Many know the feeling: loneliness - especially when it lasts longer - strikes a temper. But now, American researchers have found through a study at the University of Chicago that loneliness not only negatively affects the psyche, but can also have an impact on the physique: in the form of increased hypertension. The researchers asked the participants in the study to assess the "degree" of their loneliness themselves and came to the conclusion that those who felt lonely increased their blood pressure significantly during the course of the study.

According to the scientists, the cause of the connection between perceived loneliness and high blood pressure is a strong fear of social ties: people who feel lonely would like to make social contacts, but at the same time are very afraid of being rejected. This fear - according to the researchers' assumption - may lead to physiological changes, which also include increased blood pressure.

Treatment options in naturopathy
If the blood pressure is higher than it should be, naturopathy offers various options to bring it back into balance. E.g. the mistletoe tincture has proven itself in many cases and the wild garlic tincture in patients who also suffer from arteriosclerosis (colloquially: "hardening of the arteries"). If the increased blood pressure leads to obesity or high blood lipid levels - which is often associated with one another - the mother tincture of artichoke is a tried and tested aid. (sb, March 21, 2010)

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