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Robert Koch Institute survey: Saarland citizens most often sick.

(April 19, 2010) A survey by the Robert Koch Institute shows that Saarland citizens are the most frequently sick compared to other federal states. Chronic diseases in particular are more common in Saarland than in the other federal states. At the same time, more frequent visits to the doctor, more sick days and a longer stay in the hospitals can be observed.

A total of 2,300 people from Saarland were interviewed as part of the study. From the answers it could be seen that the Saarlanders suffer more frequently from back pain and high cholesterol levels than in the other federal states. One reason for this could be the eating behavior. Only 47.4 percent of those surveyed said they eat vegetables every day. For comparison: On average, 53.8 percent of Germans eat vegetables every day in Germany. Similar results were also observed when eating fruit. Only 65.9 percent of Saarland women eat fruit every day (see federal territory: 71.5 percent). The men surveyed found no significant differences when eating fruit.

Based on the survey, it was once again possible to determine how important daily nutrition is for our well-being. Health Minister Georg Weisweiler (FDP) commented the results as follows: "We have to make significant efforts to prevent diseases and to actively promote the health of the Saarland population". The minister advises to change eating habits significantly, to exercise more and to reduce the consumption of luxury goods. This could also reduce medical treatment costs. (sb)

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