Barmer GEK denies additional contribution

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The health insurance company denies reports that the health insurance company wants to collect additional contributions in 2011. However, one does not want to rule out future increases in contributions entirely.

The statutory health insurance company Barmer GEK denies media reports that it plans to collect additional contributions from its members next year. Additional contributions would currently not be up for debate as a measure. However, one does not want to rule out the possibility of introducing additional contributions. A spokesman for the health insurance company pointed out that all statutory health insurance companies would have to think about additional contributions or increases in contributions if the deficits in the health fund and expenditure by the insurance companies continued to increase. Politicians are asked to decide on effective savings in the healthcare sector.

"Roll forward, roll backwards" could also be described as the actions of the Barmer. In general, one would consider flat-rate additional contributions to be wrong, a spokesman for the Barmer on Wednesday, but in principle one could not rule them out. Earlier this week, Barmer board member Birgit Fischer told Südwestfunk that Barmer GEK would have to demand an additional contribution from its members next year if the planned savings did not work. Fischer asked in the interview that the federal government should decide to increase the general contribution rate of all statutory health insurance.

The merger with the Barmer Ersatzkasse and the Gmünder Ersatzkasse has made Barmer GEK a grown health insurance company. A total of 8.5 million people are insured with the fund. This makes the health insurance company the largest in the Republic. Barmer saw a strong increase in new members in the first quarter. It is assumed that many have switched to the Bamer because no additional contributions have been raised there so far. (sb)

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