Naturopathy is very popular with patients

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Natural medicine is very popular with patients and doctors.

(23.03.2010) Naturopathic procedures enjoy a surprisingly high reputation among German physicians. 98 percent of doctors use naturopathic therapies in their practice, including phytotherapy. This is the result of a current survey among readers of the specialist journal "Munich Medical Weekly Journal" (MMW-FdM. No. 24/2010 (152 vol.), 21).

The desire of many patients for less "chemistry" and more "nature" is unmistakable. Here in the country, doctors talk to their patients about possible natural medicine options on a daily basis. 59 percent of the physicians participating in the survey stated that their patients asked "very often" about naturopathic therapies, 20 percent received "frequently" and a further 12 percent at least "occasionally" such requests. According to their own statements, only one percent of all doctors are "never" confronted with a question about natural medicine. The interest in natural medicine is particularly great among the chronically ill and among mothers.

Almost every doctor (98 percent!) Is ready to respond to his patients' request for natural treatment. Herbal medicines are most commonly used to treat respiratory infections, i.e. colds, bronchitis and sinusitis. Another common application of phytopharmaceuticals are gastrointestinal complaints such as B. Irritable Bowel Syndrome. But doctors often use naturopathic remedies for the indications of pain, allergies, states of exhaustion, sleep disorders and depression.

For six years, however, doctors have had no choice but to prescribe natural remedies for their patients, especially on the green prescription or on a private prescription. Since the health care reform, health insurance companies have only paid for the costs of these drugs in a few exceptional cases. This also excludes many herbal medicinal products, the benefits and safety of which have been unequivocally proven by scientific studies. (PM Committee Research Natural Medicine eV)

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