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Existing customers of the Allianz private health insurance company will receive any additional premiums already paid.

(June 30th, 2010) Insured persons of the private health insurance "Allianz" will get back the additional contributions they have already paid. The reason for the reimbursement of the surcharges is a current judgment of the Federal Administrative Court (AZ.8 C 42/09). The court complained that when changing from a more expensive tariff to a cheaper one, a flat-rate premium of 20 percent was charged by old customers at Allianz insurance. Any insured who are affected will receive payments already made. In return, the "Allianz Private Krankenversicherungs-AG" announced that certain private health insurance tariffs would be raised in order to avoid defaults. How high the tariff increases are and which tariffs are affected is still unclear. It seems certain that above all the "Aktimed" tariff will be raised.

So-called lure tariffs have so far made it possible to offer young, healthy customers attractive entry tariffs. At Allianz it was primarily the "Aktimed" tariff. Existing customers who wanted to switch to this tariff had to pay an additional 20 percent surcharge. However, in the opinion of the Federal Administrative Court, this regulation violates the Insurance Contract Act. The judgment is now final.

As announced by Allianz, the surcharges already paid will be reimbursed informally. Separate applications are not necessary for this. The judgment is trend-setting for the insurance industry. Because people with private health insurance must also assume that if they take out private health insurance, all costs, even in old age, are included in the price. After all, it is unacceptable that old customers have to stay in closed tariffs, which are becoming increasingly expensive and attract new customers with very low tariffs. If an old customer still wanted to switch to the low tariff of new customers, they had to pay a surcharge of 20 percent. The surcharge prevented a change for many, as this would not have brought any financial relief. (sb)

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