No use of ginkgo in food

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Decision of the Federal Court of Justice: No use of ginkgo in a food!

(14.07.2010) In the dispute over whether the ginkgo biloba, which has been tried and tested as a medicinal product, can also be added to a food and advertised accordingly, the Federal Court of Justice has now given a clear verdict: In the last instance, the manufacturer of a soft drink containing ginkgo was given an immediate decision Effect of sales of his product is prohibited.

In the food trade, the range of products promising all kinds of health benefits has been growing steadily for some time. Thanks to the addition of well-known medicinal substances, the consumer believes that when buying such foods, he not only acquires pleasure, but also health.

What sounds obvious at first, but often harbors serious dangers. Mainly because it blurs the line between food and pharmaceuticals. “We are critical of the use of active pharmaceutical ingredients in food. Such blurring between pharmaceuticals and food cannot be in the sense of consumer protection, ”explains Professor Michael Habs, managing director of Schwabe in Karlsruhe. He gives the following reasons for his concerns:

- Medicines are subject to very strict legal requirements for quality, effectiveness and safety, food not.

- A drug must be taken regularly in a certain, scientifically proven dosage to work. A comparable high dosage can cause problems with food.

- The production of modern herbal medicines requires highly developed technology, because for example in Ginkgo biloba there are potentially harmful substances in addition to the healing ones. They have to be removed properly.

The non-profit committee Natur Naturmedizin e. V. (KFN) therefore welcomes the recent decision by the Federal Court of Justice. The judgment brings the necessary clarity to the consumer and at the same time takes into account the quality of modern herbal medicinal products. (pm)

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