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Homeopathy: education on television.

(2010-08-11) The regular campaigns of their opponents indicate that homeopathy is now taking on a serious role in the medical sector. But they also show that the principle of action of homeopathy is still far too little understood. For the 200th birthday of homeopathy, BR-alpha provides information from August 26 to September 30 in a six-part documentary on the development of gentle healing as the life's work of the doctor Samuel Hahnemann in a historical-medical context.

Conventional medicine vs. Homeopathy: As a reminder: as part of a comprehensive campaign against alternative medicine, opponents of homeopathy in England swallowed large amounts of the homeopathic remedy Arsenicum album in January and remained intact. This proved to them the lack of the active ingredient and the associated ineffectiveness of the homeopathic remedy.

In July the "Spiegel" announces the demand of the health politician Dr. Lauterbach (SPD) to completely delete homeopathic treatments from the list of services provided by statutory health insurance funds because an effect cannot be demonstrated sufficiently.

Many homeopaths shook their heads in the face of such blatant ignorance, since it is one of the main principles of homeopathy to dilute active ingredients until only (active) information is retained, which can be understood with knowledge from quantum physics. In addition, 200 years of experience and the growing trust of the German population in homeopathy (Allensbach study 2009) speak for themselves.

The History of Homeopathy ”: The series of documentation on the history of homeopathy announced by BR-alpha may help to close gaps in knowledge about the development and mode of action of gentle therapy, so that even the medical layperson (who remains confused in the discussion) can form his own opinion can. From 26.08. until 30.09. one of a total of six episodes of the series will be broadcast every Thursday at 7 p.m.

The broadcast dates:
Aug 26, 2010; Episode 1/6: The Search for Another Medicine
September 02, 2010; Episode 2/6: Similar with similar, the Simile principle
September 09, 2010; Episode 3/6: The principle of exponentiation
September 16, 2010; Episode 4/6: Criticism of Hahnemann's teaching
September 23, 2010; Episode 5/6: Spread and further development
September 30, 2010; Episode 6/6: Training and application today

If you want to know more about the content of the individual episodes in advance, you can find out more here. (jvs)

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