Practice for mindfulness and coping with stress

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Berlin - alternative practitioner

Mindfulness and Stress Management Practice - Walter Dieban (HP)
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction MBSR is a proven self-help program that can be learned by everyone. It enables us to face the daily stresses and challenges - e.g. through work, family, everyday life or even illness - to deal with with more serenity, sovereignty and acceptance. MBSR helps us to noticeably and sustainably improve the quality of life. Another area is life counseling and crisis management with the help of humanistic psychotherapy, classic homeopathy and family jobs.

Mindfulness and Stress Management Practice - Walter Dieban (HP)
Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 12th
10585 Berlin
Tel: 030 - 37 30 99 55
Mail: [email protected]

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