Program against nursing skills shortage required

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Social Association for People's Solidarity calls for a program to combat the shortage of nursing specialists.

(07.09.2010) It is not a question of simple solutions, but of a national program for the further development of nursing professions, explained the federal manager of the Social and Welfare Association People's Solidarity, Dr. Bernd Netherland, on Tuesday on the demand to increasingly employ the unemployed in care.

"The repeated call for unemployed people to work in nursing is not very helpful. The shortage of skilled workers in nursing has a variety of causes. The problem starts with the analysis. The problem lies primarily in the lack of skilled workers. Sufficiently qualified nursing staff can neither be found through actionism Recruiting nurses from neighboring Eastern European countries, at the push of a button at the employment agencies, a program for the development of nursing professions is necessary. "

According to popular solidarity, such a program must contain the following elements: Training in nursing professions needs to be improved. Instead of lowering standards, the diverse requirements of everyday nursing care have to come to the fore in training. Training needs to be better funded and care facilities need more support if they get involved in training. The pay for nurses needs to be improved significantly. As long as a craftsman hour is paid significantly better than an hour of professional care, the care profession is not very attractive for young people. This requires that care be funded better overall than it is today.

"The concentration of work in nursing has to be reduced. In order for the profession to become attractive and to be practiced in the long term, the work pressure has to be reduced. This can only be done with better working conditions and more staff. Wage dumping must be prevented agreeing equal wages for East and West. Low wages East are a major reason why young and well-trained nurses are moving out of the new federal states.
The social recognition of nursing professions should be increased. Those who face the difficult task of caring for the sick and the elderly deserve respect. Here a thorough paradigm shift in the public image of care is necessary. The Netherlands asked the federal government to come up with a concept against the shortage of skilled workers in nursing that takes up these demands. (pm)

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