Naturheilpraxis Christine Kornexl-Uhrmann

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Mengkofen: Naturheilpraxis Christine Kornexl-Uhrmann
Before the first treatment, I will conduct a detailed consultation with you. You report your concerns and ask me questions. I will inform you about therapy and treatment options. Together we will find the most suitable form for you. In the first session, a detailed survey and thorough examination is carried out, the so-called first medical history, a kind of inventory of your current condition. This relates to the body, the mind, the social environment, habits / likes / dislikes, illness and vaccination history, living conditions, emotions. This gives me the information I need to diagnose. The actual treatment begins from the second session. Sometimes so-called initial aggravation can occur, but this is a completely normal process and often precedes a comprehensive feeling of health. The treatments achieve physical, mental and spiritual balance on the basis of the above-mentioned jointly developed medical history. Let me accompany you on the way to your health and inner harmony! Forms of therapy: cranio-sacral osteopathy Gentle therapy of the skull (cranium), the spine and the sacrum (sacrum). Calming the nervous system, holistic, deep-acting relaxation. Builds up the immune system, relieves chronic pain and illnesses (e.g. migraines, depression, cardiovascular problems, allergies, ...) Spine treatment according to Dorn therapy to palpate vertebral displacements and to bring the vertebrae into the actual position safely with targeted pressure. Pain and blockages are often eliminated immediately. Reiki Eastern healing method over 2000 years old. The Japanese word "Reiki" means universal life energy.

Feel the healing power and experience your own inner harmony. Hypnosis Find the causes of your illnesses and blockages in the depth of your subconscious and in the past and resolve them. Biochemical healing according to Dr. Schüssler mineral salts in homeopathically potentized form are administered as tablets. They compensate for mineral deficiencies in various tissue structures, organ systems and the whole organism and support the functions of the individual cells, which improves cell metabolism and regulates the acid-base balance. The body is deacidified and the immune system is activated. This therapy serves as a preventive measure and for treating disorders of well-being and sensibly supports any other conventional medical and naturopathic treatment method. Ear acupuncture The needle prick creates an external stimulus on the ear, which produces a reflexive effect, which is followed by a reaction of the body, so blockages within the organism can be compensated for and resolved. There is also the possibility to stimulate or calm individual organ systems, to regenerate and heal damaged organ systems that led to an illness.

How quickly a healing process proceeds depends crucially on the individual's individual energy. This therapy has a stabilizing effect on the entire energy system and thereby supports the regulatory forces of the body. Bach flower therapy The Bach flowers each aim for a special emotional and emotional state, so people with the same disease can be treated with different flowers. You don't have to be sick to benefit from the effects. They make the most valuable contribution by restoring the inner balance before physical symptoms appear. Each of us goes through difficult phases in his life and with the Bach flowers we should not suppress negative sensations, but rather convert them into a positive basic attitude, which in turn activates our own potential and thus promotes self-healing. The right Bach flower mixture can be found for every situation and every person, for example for exam anxiety, grief, mood swings, etc. Psychotherapy. B. cupping / cupping massage, Baunscheidtiere, neural therapy (pain therapy), Breuss - massage mental training.

Naturheilpraxis Christine Kornexl-Uhrmann
Am Weinberg 28
Mengkofen / 84152
Tel. 08733/281771
Mail. [email protected]

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