DGB: Additional contributions should be stopped

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DGB: Additional contributions from the statutory health insurance funds must be stopped.

The German Federation of Trade Unions (DGB) calls on the federal states to vote against in the Bundesrat when the plans to introduce a flat rate per capita are being discussed. Because the income-independent additional contributions of the statutory health insurance companies as well as the freezing of employer contributions lead to a one-sided burden for the health insured.

Annelie Buntenbach, member of the union's board of directors, said: “The state governments are responsible for sparing the citizens of their state from the one-sided wave of stress caused by the plans of Federal Health Minister Rösler. It must also be in the interests of the federal states and their municipalities to give employers an equal share in the GKV financing in order to avoid a sharply increasing need for compensation from tax revenues in the future and thus secure their own ability to act. "

According to the plans of the Federal Health Minister Philipp Rösler (FDP), the employer's share should be frozen after the increase in health insurance contributions. This means that all further contribution increases to the detriment of the employees will be carried out unilaterally. In addition, from 2011 the statutory health insurance companies will be able to determine the amount of the additional contributions themselves. Social associations and trade unions have long criticized that the planned reforms in the health sector are a "flat fee through the back door". "We therefore call on the federal states to stop the freezing of employer contributions and the introduction of non-income-related additional contributions in the statutory health insurance system," said Buntenbach. Since the CSU has already criticized the health minister's plans, Buntenbach takes this as an opportunity to urge the party to keep its word. "The CSU in particular says that the flat rate per capita will not be introduced," argued the union leader. The federal states should be aware that they have a responsibility to their voters "if they do not veto the Rösler reform," added Buntenbach. (sb, 10/17/2010)

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