Red oil: The healthy palm oil

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Red palm oil

The healthy red palm oil from Africa and America Red oil or in the health food store, organic trade or in delicatessens, palm oil is difficult to acquire. If you want to buy it, you will most likely have to order it. However, palm oil is said to have numerous positive properties for health.

The palm oil is extracted from the tropical palm fruit. Oil palms are over 20 to 30 meters tall and grow mainly in Africa and America. The fruits must be obtained from the top tips of the palm trees. The valuable oil is contained in the pulp. The oil from the fruit kernel is mostly used for industrial use. On the African continent, the oil is used to prepare numerous dishes. In African naturopathy, the red oil is used for constipation, nausea and poisoning.

Valuable vitamins and anti-oxidants The oil contains numerous anti-oxidants, the positive effects of which have also been scientifically proven. Anti-oxidants, for example, are considered radical scavengers and help the body fight infection. In addition to the anti-oxidants, the cold-pressed red oil contains a lot of beta-carotene substances. The content is about 50 times higher than in tomatoes and ten times higher than in carrots. It also has natural vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids. In this form, the vitamin can inhibit the growth of cancer tumors and is therefore also used in the treatment of skin cancer and breast cancer. The oil is also said to offer protection against UV radiation and environmental toxins. The gently tasting and creamy oil is said to have a preventive effect for cardiovascular diseases (e.g. heart attack), stroke, macular degeneration and Alzheimer's. Evidence-based studies have also shown that regular consumption can sustainably lower the dangerous LDL cholesterol level. It was also observed that the oil dissolves deposits in the arteries and thus prevents thrombosis and blood clots.

Difference between red palm oil and palm kernel oil for baking If you want to buy the oil in stores, you should make sure to buy the right one. Because the red palm oil is often confused with the palm kernel oil. Although the palm kernel oil is not of poor quality, it has a much lower proportion of carotenoids, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. Palm kernel oil is a little cheaper than red oil because it is manufactured industrially and is mainly used for baking and frying. The red oil, as the name suggests, is red to orange-red and can be used very well to enrich salads. It should be noted on the bottle that it is cold pressed and comes from organic farming. The best thing to do is ask around the corner in your health food store. (sb, Nov 28, 2010)

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