Cancer doctor wrote farewell letters before her death

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The cancer doctor Mechthild Bach wrote email farewell letters before her suicide. The public prosecutor's office confirms that painkillers that have been overdosed are the cause of death

The accused cancer doctor Mechthild Bach committed suicide after an initial autopsy result with an overdose of morphine. This was announced today by the public prosecutor's office in Hildesheim. Due to the suicide of the accused, one of the largest euthanasia processes in the history of the Federal Republic must now be ended without a final result. The doctor had committed suicide with high-dose pain relievers in the night from Sunday to Monday.

According to the public prosecutor's office in Hildesheim, the doctor Mechthild Bach had given herself an overdose of morphine according to the post-mortem report. Investigations were initiated on Tuesday and the results were released by the investigative authorities today. According to a spokesman, the death was triggered by pulmonary edema and brain swelling. Both results of the investigation speak for serious poisoning of the body. The 61-year-old doctor had given herself the morphine infusion on Monday night. External influence is excluded on the basis of electronic farewell letters found.

Last farewell letters in the form of emails When looking through the last email correspondence, the prosecutor's office found that the cancer specialist was most likely suicidal due to the upcoming process. A spokesman stated that the motive was the pending trial against the accused Dr. Brook. The court had indicated a week ago that the homicide charge could be converted to murder. Accordingly, Dr. Bach had to expect a much more severe sentence.

The euthanasia process has been taking place in Hanover for over a year. The doctor, an advocate for active euthanasia, had to answer the charges on suspicion of homicide in 13 cases. In all three cases, the deceased is said to have administered a cocktail of medicines containing strong painkillers such as valium and morphine to a seriously ill patient in a clinic in the Hanover region. It is still unclear whether more people died from an infusion. Since 1987, the cancer specialist has been working at the Paracelsus Clinic as an attending physician in the cancer department. An increased death rate has been observed in the hospital for several years. Whether Mechthild Bach is also responsible for this can probably not be fully clarified after the defendant's death. The discussion about active euthanasia will not end with the tragic end of the process. According to a survey among doctors, one in three doctors could imagine helping seriously ill patients with suicide. (sb)

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