Gaißach specialist clinic evacuated due to swine flu

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Swine flu: Specialist clinic will be completely evacuated by Wednesday

After a ten-year-old boy became infected with swine flu during a cure in the Gaißach specialist clinic and died of the consequences of the disease, the clinic was initially evacuated.

During a spa stay for obesity in the Gaißach specialist clinic, the ten-year-old had contracted swine flu and had died of the disease. Two other patients have also contracted swine flu in the meantime, so the authorities have decided to evacuate the clinic to avoid further infections. All patients are expected to leave the Gaißach Specialist Clinic by Wednesday.

Infection route in the clinic so far unclear In the past few days there have been no further infections with the H1N1 virus, but as a precaution the clinic is evacuated anyway, explained Carl-Peter Bauer, medical director of the Gaissach specialist clinic. Until Wednesday, all patients still in the clinic will cancel their stay and leave, Bauer continues. How and where exactly the ten-year-old boy got infected with the H1N1 pathogen is still unclear. The route of infection has also not yet been clarified in the other two patients who subsequently contracted swine flu. However, the disease took a more harmless course for them and they are already at home, reports the medical director of the specialist clinic. The incubation period has actually already passed since the last occurrence of a new infection, but it will still be some time before the clinic runs as usual, explains Carl-Peter Bauer.

Swine flu: Young people are particularly badly affected There are currently increasing reports of deaths from swine flu. Last Thursday, a nine-year-old girl died in Berlin as a result of a swine flu infection. Although the number of deaths in this year's flu season (seven since October 2010) is not unusually high, the disproportionately high proportion of young people is tragic. H1N1 infection often takes a particularly severe course, which can be fatal. Children are not only the main transmitters of the H1N1 pathogens, but also tend to have a more severe course of the disease. Since the seasonal flu wave is currently at its peak according to the Robert Koch Institute's (RKI) Influenza Working Group, not only the little ones should pay more attention to a few simple rules to protect themselves from infection. In addition to sufficient vitamins to build up the immune system, compliance with certain hygiene standards is particularly important. Regular hand washing can make a significant contribution to minimizing the risk of transmission for yourself and others. (fp)

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