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"And you are moving" - or the distorted perception of the reality of homeopathy opponents

Homeopathy as a safe and globally recognized medicine is repeatedly exposed to attacks by self-proclaimed “skeptics” who want to prove their ineffectiveness by taking a large amount of homeopathic medicines. "The question arises involuntarily whether homeopathy should make you sick, since otherwise trying to make sense makes no logical sense," asks Ralf Dissemond from the Association of Classical Homeopaths in Germany (VKHD). It is obvious that such a spectacular attempt “succeeds” after all, because it lacks any basis and general understanding of this healing method.

This hashing effect only demonstrates a worldview that has been outdated for several centuries, since it only concentrates on visible and measurable conditions, i.e. quantities. Already in antiquity the mind was considered the center of man and only the results of his work become visible in material form. The fact that the smallest particles have the greatest power is also shown by the fact that their research requires the largest apparatus, just think of the particle accelerator below Lake Geneva and others.

Homeopathy uses medicines from a wide variety of starting substances to treat sick people. These are diluted and "shaken" according to a specified procedure until there is nothing left of the starting substance - apart from vibration or information. The experiments that Dr. Masaru Emoto (Masaru Emoto, “The Message of Water”): Water that has been sonicated with music forms special ice crystal shapes when it freezes.

Homeopathy uses its medicinal products, each with a different type of specific information, so precisely that it works like a key-lock principle only for the person with the corresponding reaction pattern on which the disease is based. For this reason, homeopathy is a very safe method and, on top of that, without any undesirable chemical side effects.

One can only fairly point out to skeptics that, for cost reasons, taking 10 pellets would be enough to prove no harmful side effects. Completely unaffected by this, there is also the question of why a healthy person should take a medicine. Homeopathy makes you healthy, not sick! (Association of classic homeopaths in Germany)

About the Association of Classic Homeopaths in Germany: The VKHD is the professional association for classic homeopathic naturopaths in Germany. The association was founded in 1997 and currently has 1,250 active members. The aim of the association is to protect, represent and promote the professional interests of homeopaths, and to practice the classic.

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