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The author and nutrition expert Uwe Knop has started a citizens' survey on nutrition. On the website Echte, citizens from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are to answer questions that aim to find out whether people in industrialized countries still have a healthy feeling of hunger.

Knop, the author of the book "Hunger and Lust– The First Book on Culinary Body Intelligence", published by Vito von Eichborns BoD, believes that people should listen to their feeling of "real, physical-biological" hunger while eating . To this end, he questioned about 500 studies on nutrition in his book over a period of three years. In the end, it turned out that scientifically proven facts for nutrition guidelines and diet promises do not exist.

In the past, nutrition experts criticized Uwe Knop and his theses about nutrition that was no longer commensurate with the understanding. Knop points out in his book that, for example, "Professor Andreas Pfeiffer from the Berlin Charité believes that people can no longer really decide what their bodies need."

This is one of the reasons why Knop launched the current survey to answer the urgent question: "Why do we eat?". He believes the assumption, which the German Society for Nutrition (DGE), for example, believes that people in industrialized countries can no longer feel their real feeling of hunger due to the large food supply, is absurd. Because this is one of the main arguments of many nutrition experts why they think they have to give further recommendations or instructions regarding nutrition.

Knop points out that there is currently no secure data available to support these arguments, and in many areas of life there is increasing emphasis on personal responsibility and maturity. Knop, who received the BoD Authors Award for his book in 2010, and his culinary body intelligence could take the same path within nutritional science as Carl Rogers (1902-1987) did with his “client-centered conversation” in psychotherapy in the 1930s struck. Initially hostile, Rogers' theses have become indispensable even in pastoral care or business consulting. In addition to the approaches of Knop, the fascia distortion model in the manual therapy area is to be regarded as related, which uses the patient's subjective statements and body language for specific treatment. It is to be hoped that many people will take part in the three-country survey and provide answers and new insights into “real biological hunger”. (tf)

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