Naturopathy: TCM therapy for neurodermatitis

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Neurodermatitis: A complex illness requires a holistic view. Traditional Chinese medicine gets to the bottom of the causes.

Tingling, stinging and itching - neurodermatitis affects around three to four million people across Germany. In the case of chronic skin disease, the body's immune system is out of balance and the immune system goes crazy with the slightest external stimuli. Doctors assign neurodermatitis to atopic diseases, i.e. diseases that break out in different places in different forms. These include hay fever and asthma, from which many neurodermatitis sufferers also suffer. Atopic dermatitis is considered an incurable disease, in which the focus in conventional medicine therapy is on symptom relief. For example, dermatologists use light therapy, ointments and cortisone, allergists use climate therapy, and psychologists use behavioral therapy. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), on the other hand, chooses a cause-based approach. When considering the disease, it does not separate body and soul. In the creation of a tailor-made therapy, early, uncured infections play an important role, as does the mental state. Thanks to their holistic concept, 80 percent of the patients experience a significant improvement.

Traditional Chinese medicine takes a holistic view of diseases “In Chinese medicine, body and soul are viewed holistically. When it comes to diseases, the focus is not on the affected organ, but on the misguided process that leads to the disease, ”explains Dr. Christian Schmincke, general practitioner and TCM expert from the Clinic at Steigerwald, the difference between symptom-related and causal treatment. Pulse and tongue diagnosis, but also extensive discussions with patients help to identify pathological processes. "We often see that many neurodermatitis patients show an increased susceptibility to infections with frequent, recurring and worsening colds from an early age." From a Chinese perspective, neurodermatitis is usually an attempt to detox abundant inflammatory products, the so-called "cloudy heat", which pass into the blood and lymph. In the body's detoxification attempt, they are transported from the blood into the skin. In contrast to the mucous membranes, however, the options for excretion are very limited. There is a build-up of metabolic end products, which in turn leads to inflammation. The body's intention to excrete poisons is also evident from the fact that the itching subsides as soon as scratching clears the blood and lymph.

TCM therapies for neurodermatitis The most important pillar of TCM is Chinese medicine therapy. Individually prescribed decoctions from Chinese herbs permanently lead to the elimination of causes and symptom relief. However, the medication is not administered according to a rigid plan: “During therapy, we observe exactly how the patient's body reacts individually to the medication. Based on this, we continuously adjust the formulation throughout the course of the therapy, ”explains Dr. Schmicke. In the treatment of neurodermatitis, the focus is often on the administration of herbs, bark and tubers, which counteract the "cloudy heat" and thus discharge inflammation products from the body. In addition to Chinese medicine therapy, acupuncture and moxibustion, i.e. the heat treatments of acupuncture points, are also used. (pm)

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