Psychosomatic energetics according to Banis

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Psychosomatic energetics according to Banis (PSE)

Psychosomatic energetics is an interesting and efficient method of diagnosis and therapy in the field of energetic medicine. It was developed and perfected by the Swiss couple Reimar and Ulrike Banis. With the help of a technically complex measuring device, similar to a biofeedback device, the therapist is able to precisely measure and analyze the energy status of his patient. In this way, the practitioner is able to give his counterpart information about his vital, emotional, mental and causal energy values.

Unconscious energy blocks
The PSE assumes that humans, like in traditional Indian medicine, have seven energy centers. However, psychological triggers such as shock, grief, trauma, etc. often lead to an energy blockage in one of these energy levels in the course of life. This in turn has a serious impact on people's physical and mental quality of life. The resulting unconscious blockage with the associated complaints such as Fatigue, lack of self-esteem, lack of energy, depression, pain, irritable bladder, allergies, rheumatism, joint problems, addictions, cardiovascular problems, susceptibility to infections, skin diseases, migraines, tinnitus, etc. can be a problem for the patient for years without being permanently cured by conventional medicine. "Your blood values ​​and your organs are healthy," the people affected often hear and are often labeled as "hypochondriac".

Help with chronic forms
With these chronic forms of course, psychosomatic energetics can often help to track down and eliminate the debilitating energy block and the underlying conflict with the help of the test device. This is done with a homeopathic complex remedy specially tailored to the patient's symptoms, which is administered between one and three months depending on the severity of the blockage. After a relatively short time, users of this innovative medicine often report a significant increase in their overall well-being, an internal and external strengthening of their health and personality. "My charisma, my health and my satisfaction are back," is what my practice often says. This is because energetic medicine does not fight the superficial symptoms but deeply neutralizes the cause of the disharmonies and therefore straightens and energizes people from within. The entire system is thus strengthened and revitalized and you feel closer to your inner center again. Of course, PSE can also be combined and strengthened excellently with other therapy methods such as acupuncture, phytotherapy, enzyme therapy, to name just a few, as I do in my practice every day.

Ultimately, the advantage of psychosomatic energetics is that it acts specifically on the core of the problem and can therefore help precisely and sustainably to activate and maintain human self-healing powers. Therefore, psychosomatic energetics is a meaningful and necessary addition to current conventional medicine for me.

Personal details: Dipl. Ped. And alternative practitioner Andre Tonak from Hamburg is a therapist with many years of experience. In addition to psychosomatic energetics, he works with acupuncture, phytotherapy, enzyme therapy, neural therapy and psychotherapy (HPG). In addition to the practical work, Mr. Tonak also gives lectures, organizes seminars and publishes in medical journals. (at)

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