Grass pollen flight is imminent

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Grass pollen marks the high point of the hay fever season

The hay fever high season has begun. The birch pollen is already in the air, the grass pollen flight is expected next. Allergy sufferers face the hardest time of the year, because many hay fever patients are particularly sensitive to both birch and grass pollen.

Normally, the start of the grass pollen flight is not expected until the end of April, but like the birches, the grasses are likely to bloom a little earlier this year. This is not good news for hay fever patients, because this means that the hay fever high season begins a little earlier. In general, the suffering of allergy sufferers has increased steadily over the past few years, since "global warming over the past 25 years" means "significantly longer pollen flight times a year", meteorologist Sandra Kannabei explained to the news agency "dpa".

Hay fever patients suffer almost all year round Sensitive hay fever patients only have one month a year in which there is no pollen in the air and they can live without symptoms, the expert explained. Accordingly, November is the only resting phase during which extreme allergy sufferers can breathe deeply. According to Sandra Kannabei, the highly allergenic ragweed plant in particular extended the pollen season, which usually ends with mugwort in early September, well into October. From December on, in less extreme winters, the hazel bushes will start to bloom again, so that there is an almost seamless transition. However, hay fever patients react very differently to the various pollen, with hazel, alder and willow pollen appearing rather harmless overall compared to the grass and birch pollen. Which pollen is particularly common at what time and in which regions can be checked online in the various pollen flight calendars in order to take appropriate precautions, if necessary.

Prevention of hay fever with the help of simple measures According to the experts, possible preventive measures for hay fever patients with a high pollen count should be kept closed, for example, if possible only in the rain and in the late evening hours, washing clothes worn outside and washing them frequently not put in the bedroom. In addition, laundry should not be dried outdoors and hay fever patients are advised to wash their hair in the evening before going to bed, explained Dr. Wolfram Feußner, allergist and specialist for pulmonary and bronchial medicine from Kassel at the beginning of the hay fever season. In addition, allergy sufferers should get antihistamines from the pharmacy in advance so that they can react immediately to hay fever attacks, the specialist emphasized. According to the expert, certain prescription nasal sprays or special eye drops are also recommended, but his insider tip for protection against pollen is: rub the inside of the nose with a little petroleum jelly and gargle a little cooking oil after getting up. In order to permanently cope with the recurring symptoms of hay fever, long-term targeted immunotherapy against the allergic reactions can also be considered, the expert explained.

With acupuncture against hay fever? From a naturopathic point of view, treatments for hay fever include, for example, herbal therapies, relaxation procedures, magnetic field / bioresonance procedures, autologous blood therapies as well as self-suggestion, acupuncture and homeopathy. With the various methods, considerable success has already been achieved in the treatment of hay fever, and acupuncture for hay fever therapy in particular is a much-considered treatment approach in conventional medicine. However, if the symptoms of hay fever cannot be remedied with naturopathic treatment, a doctor should be consulted urgently, as hay fever can quickly lead to asthma and other respiratory diseases if treatment is not done. (fp)

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