Alternative practitioner: Men suffer secretly and silently

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44th Naturopathic Congress: Pay more attention to men's health

Men are less likely to see a doctor or alternative practitioner than women than women. They suffer secretly and quietly or simply sit out the illness. But doing nothing can have fatal consequences and, under certain circumstances, significantly shorten life expectancy. The 44th alternative practitioner congress in Baden-Baden wants to focus in particular on gender-specific medicine this weekend.

Being a man is risky and unhealthy
Being a man these days "is unhealthy and risky". But this is by no means a natural law as the first chairman of the Association of German Alternative Practitioners of the State of Baden-Württemberg, Dietmar Falkenberg, explained. For this reason, the 44th alternative practitioner congress has the health motto: "Typical man and typical woman".

Men go to the doctor or naturopath less often
It can only be speculated why men go to the doctor less often. Scientists believe that education and socialization play a crucial role. From an early age, many boys had to hear: "An Indian knows no pain". Which means so much like "don't act like this when you're in pain". However, if men listen more to themselves "and go to the doctor more often, their life expectancy could well approximate that of women," explains Falkenberg. Therefore, alternative practitioners have had more focus on men with their very specific health and mental problems in recent years, says the alternative practitioner chairman.

Two thirds of the patients who go to alternative practitioners or medical professionals are still women. Conventional medicine, however, too often fails to ask male patients about their private and family difficulties. This is the only way to create an overall picture and find out what type of complaints are present, says the naturopath. In addition, men often eat much worse than women and also show less body awareness.

Symptom-denying man
The public image about men is also no better. Sick men are hardly noticed and sometimes no longer fully recognized. There are hardly any men in the public debate. Therefore, men are literally "symptom-refusing". "Being sick and no longer productive is something terrible for men." Men often suffered from serious complaints such as sleep disorders, gastrointestinal symptoms or a lack of concentration. According to naturopathic experts, stress and excessive demands in work and private life are causally responsible.

Men often do not dare to speak openly about their mental or health condition. Therefore, the problem is not noticed in public. To date, Falkenberg warns that there is no official men's health report. In contrast, women's health reports have been an established social standard for years. Men commit suicide about three times as often and are statistically more likely to have malignant cancer tumors.

Gender justice also when it comes to health
In no way does the naturopath want to feel misunderstood. Emancipation and increasing attention to women was urgently needed. Now, however, it is urgently time to establish gender equality in the area of ​​health. "We have to get men to take their physicality and health more seriously." This also means that men do not see illness as a weakness, but as a bit more quality of life.

Under the motto "typical man - typical woman?" (gender-specific medicine) is this year's 44th Naturopath Congress in Baden-Baden. With around 40 lectures, seminars and workshops, doctors, naturopaths and therapists receive further training. The congress takes place from April 16 to 17. (sb)

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