Rector refused position after cancer

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Elected Rector was denied position and official status after cancer

Renate Lieckfeldt, the rector of the University of Applied Sciences for Technology, Economics and Culture (HTWK) in Leipzig, is denied a transition to civil service status after her cancer has survived. The relevant Saxon Ministry of Science said that the health risks would not allow civil servants to work.

The rector had made the process public after she had been informed by the Ministry of Education that taking up the rector's office and the associated transition to the status of electoral officer was incompatible with civil servants' rights. Lieckfeldt now wants to fight for her position and receives massive support from the students. As the "MDR" reports, the Saxon Minister of Science Sabine von Schorlemer has officially agreed to discuss possible solutions for filling the position together with the chosen HTWK Rector.

Students criticize the non-appointment of the elected rector The conference of Saxonian student bodies (KSS) was outraged by the refusal of the Ministry of Culture to appoint Renate Lieckfeldt as rector of the HTWK after her surviving cancer. While the Saxon science minister withdrew to the position that civil servants had to be excluded from the civil service law because there was a significant risk of relapse in cancer, a spokeswoman for the KSS emphasized that "this approach (...) is hardly increasing due to political and moral instinct surpass ”. The students request the appointment of the elected rector on the scheduled date on May 1st. The position of the science minister is not understandable for the students. You see some discretion in interpreting the civil service law with regard to the appointment of the elected HTWK rector. Renate Lieckfeldt was elected in a democratic process and this must also be respected by the ministry, the KSS spokeswoman told the “MDR”. Lieckfeldt himself also considers the decision of the Ministry of Science to be at least ethically questionable, but continued to agree to talk. The opposition parties in the Saxon state parliament - Bündnis90 / Die Grünen, Die Linke and SPD - were also outraged by the current events and signaled extensive support to the elected rector.

Science minister ready to talk After the case has reached the general public and triggered massive protests, according to "MDR" reports, the Saxon science minister was also ready to talk. Sabine von Schorlemer explained that she wanted to discuss with the elected rector which options are possible so that Lieckfeldt can take up her post. According to the Minister of Science, it is conceivable, for example, to take on an employment relationship, but being an official is still out of the question. Renate Lieckfeldt underlined that she would also be willing to consider offering employment if the Ministry submitted it. However, the question arises as to how it can be "that you are healthy enough to work as an employee but not healthy enough to work as an official," emphasized Lieckfeldt. The elected rector also finds it strange that she is accepted as an official by North Rhine-Westphalia, where she has been Professor of Technical Management in the Department of Physical Technology at the Gelsenkirchen University of Applied Sciences since 2001 and Dean since 2007, but not even an official in Saxony May be time. "I want the ministry to explain that to me," Lieckfeldt told the MDR. If no agreement can be reached in the further talks, the elected Rector does not rule out legal recourse as a last resort. However, she is aware that a lawsuit could block the rector's position at the HTWK for years, said Renate Lieckfeldt.

Steiniger Weg to the Rector's Office Renate Lieckfeldt was elected as the new rector of Leipzig's largest university of applied sciences in January 19 January of the year by the expanded Senate of the HTWK Leipzig. On May 1st, the elected rector was supposed to take up her position, until then Michael Kubessa was in charge of the HTWK. However, the election as rector for Lieckfeldt was unusually difficult. Lieckfeldt was initially not taken into account in the nomination process and had to file a legal complaint. Previously, only one applicant was available, the former rector Hubertus Milke. In the election, Renate Lieckfeldt finally prevailed in the third ballot. (fp)

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