Charité: Strike spreads

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Charité: Strike extends to other clinic areas

The strike at the Charité University Hospital in Berlin extends to other clinic areas. In addition to the nursing staff, technical staff and cleaning specialists, the clinic's central post office is now on strike. Since Monday, over 2,000 hospital employees have been on an indefinite strike. The OR operation is almost closed. Almost all medical interventions have been canceled or postponed.

Other clinic areas show solidarity
The Charité post office has now joined the strike of nurses and nurses. This could mean further logistical and organizational problems for the clinic. "Today we went a step further in all areas," said the chairman of the Verdi operating group at Charité, Carsten Becker. Due to the strike, additional hospital beds would not have been available.

Verdi praises high strike participation
The strike of the employees will continue today, Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011. "The very high strike participation is a clear sign that hopefully will also be understood by the employers. So far, unfortunately, employers have not used the opportunity to alleviate the tense situation with a negotiable offer," said Bettina Weitermann, negotiator of the Verdi union. An end to the strike is therefore not in sight.

Emergencies will continue to be looked after
The emergency service agreement negotiated with the clinic management prior to the strike ensures that all real emergencies and patients with life-threatening illnesses are treated. At all three Charité locations, so-called clearing offices have started to resolve disputes with employers. Examinations or therapy that are not urgently medically necessary are currently not being carried out.

Tariff adjustment at federal level required
Before the strike began, all collective bargaining between the employee and the employer had failed. Since the beginning of the morning shift on Monday, nurses, nurses and medical and technical staff have been on strike for higher wages. The unions are demanding at least EUR 300 more gross for employees in order to achieve tariff adjustment at the federal level. According to Verdi, no offers have so far been made by the employer. Although they understand the labor dispute, the financial situation does not allow wage adjustments, as it was said.

Further demonstrations planned in the afternoon
As was the case yesterday, the employees in the strike plan to hold demonstrations today. Two demonstrations will start from the Virchow Klinik and Charité Mitte locations around 3:30 p.m., which will meet on the corner of Müller and Fennstraße. A rally will take place there around 4.45 p.m. Yesterday, more than a thousand strikers demonstrated for better working conditions and higher wages. (sb)

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