Politics are threatening health insurance companies with consequences

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Politics are threatening health insurance companies with severe consequences

City BKK health insurance company has to close in summer due to financial difficulties. The federal government threatens severe sanctions due to the illegal practice of many health insurers. Almost 170,000 insured are now looking for a new health insurance company. In particular, requests from older members of health insurance companies are rejected. The Barmer GEK is calling on the cash register network to show more solidarity.

Liability of the cash register heads for rejected membership inquiries
Many health insurance companies are blocking the City BKK insured. Some cash registers close entire service centers because the flood of inquiries is allegedly no longer able to be processed. The CDU now threatens the treasury officers with severe consequences if the blockade is not resolved. "Perhaps we should take direct responsibility for each case," said the health spokesman for the Union in the German Bundestag, Jens Spahn (CDU). The new Federal Minister of Health Daniel Bahr (FDP) on Friday called on the umbrella organization of statutory health insurance (GKV) to exhort health insurance companies to comply with legal provisions. According to the, namely, no health insurance company may reject an application for admission based on the age or health status of an applicant. However, since a large proportion of the City BKK insured persons have already reached retirement age, many inquiries from senior citizens are received by the health insurance companies. Some health insurance companies now fear for their own membership structure. Most of the insured live in Hamburg or Berlin. Inquiries in both cities are correspondingly high.

Rejection of a tangible scandal In this connection, health expert Jens Spahn spoke of a tangible scandal in the healthcare system. In numerous speeches, the health insurance companies would act as the lobby of the insured, and then throw away the seriously ill. Spahn said literally: "In Sunday speeches they call themselves the lawyers of the patients and during the week they throw away the seriously ill."

Barmer GEK calls for a solidarity-based solution for all health insurers The largest statutory health insurance company in Germany, the Barmer GEK, called for a solidarity-based "solution for all health insurance companies". Such a solution should enable health insurance for those who have not yet found a new health insurance fund, said Holger Langkutsch, Chairman of the Board of Directors, on Saturday in Berlin. Langkutsch made it clear that some health insurance companies are currently over-frequented by inquiries and therefore fear for their own financial situation. The AOK in Berlin and the Barmer GEK in Hamburg are particularly affected. The cash register closed its nine customer centers on Friday due to the numerous inquiries.

Insured persons are rejected with flimsy arguments Many insured persons are rejected with flimsy arguments by the service staff on the phone. In many cases, sham arguments are used to prevent an application for admission. "Insured persons should nevertheless submit an application to the health insurance fund of their choice," advise consumer representatives. Because health insurance companies may not reject an application. Those who still experience harassment can complain to the supervisory authority, the Federal Insurance Office in Bonn.

The Federal Association of Health Insurance Funds (GKV) has also intervened. Its chairman Dr. Doris Pfeiffer said "All members of the City BKK have the right to choose their new health insurance company. I expect from any statutory health insurance company that they will of course welcome everyone who wants to become a member with open arms. Everything else would be unsolidarity and unacceptable. " Next Thursday, the board of directors of the individual health insurers want to discuss possible ways out. "The situation that a statutory health insurance company is closed and a large number of insured persons are looking for a new health insurance company relatively recently is new." However, the SHI expects that the problems of the initial problems are now resolved.

The principle of solidarity must not only apply to individual cash registers
The Barmer boss Langkutsch criticized his health insurance chief colleagues. The principle of solidarity must not only apply to individual cash registers. "In the case of City BKK, it is also a matter of finding a fair balance between the cash registers and the types of cash registers." In the direction of the insured, the head of the Barmer Board of Directors made it clear that anyone who wants to be insured with the Barmer GEK can also become a member. (sb)

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