Allergy friendliness in Bad Hindelang

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Bad Hindelang receives seal of quality for allergy-friendliness

The community of Bad Hindelang has been certified as an "allergy-friendly community" by the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). The holiday resort in Bavarian Allgäu offers allergy sufferers particularly favorable conditions for a symptom-free stay.

Bad Hindelang has been a climatic health resort and Kneipp spa since 2001. On Tuesday, the community was given the ECARF seal of quality for a community that is particularly allergy-friendly as part of a public ceremony. "Allergy sufferers find excellent conditions for a pleasant stay in Bad Hindelang", emphasized the head of the non-profit European Foundation for Allergy Research (ECARF), Prof. Dr. med. Torsten Zuberbier.

Good air and allergy-friendly services The air in the municipality of Bad Hindelang is "extremely low in pollen and mold spores and free of house dust mites due to the altitude", explained the ECARF manager Zuberbier. In addition, "the networked offer of allergy-friendly services" significantly improves the quality of life for allergy sufferers when staying in Bad Hindelang, Zuberbier emphasized. With the ECARF seal of quality for allergy-friendliness, the municipality of Bad Hindelang has now certified these advantages. As part of the model project "Development of guidelines and certification for allergy-friendly municipalities" funded by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, the administration and 70 companies in the municipality of Bad Hindelang have pulled together to make their municipality even more pleasant for allergy sufferers. Hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, supermarkets, cafes, bakeries and butchers were informed by the experts from the European Foundation for Allergy Research about possible measures to protect allergy sufferers and put the ECARF proposals into practice.

Measures to protect allergy sufferers The protection of allergy sufferers often only required relatively simple measures that could be implemented without great financial outlay and nevertheless make a significant contribution to creating an allergy-friendly offer. For example, hotels and pensions offer allergy-friendly accommodation, which also includes smoke-free and pet-free rooms with allergy-friendly floor coverings and mite-proof protective covers for mattresses and bedding. In gastronomy, the preparation of dishes without the most common allergy-causing foods such as nuts, eggs or celery is particularly important. The operators should also be able to list the ingredients used in detail on request.

Two allergy-friendly communities in Germany All the measures to protect allergy sufferers have been successfully implemented in the participating companies, and Bad Hindelang is now the second community in Germany to boast the ECARF seal of quality for allergy-friendliness. The town of Baabe on the Baltic Sea island of Rügen was the first municipality worldwide to be certified with the ECARF seal in 2008. According to the European Foundation for Allergy Research, these veritable oases are all the more necessary for allergy sufferers, since allergies are the most common chronic diseases in Europe and an allergy sufferer lives in almost every second European family. However, according to the ECARF director, 90 percent of those affected are not adequately treated or are not treated medically at all. (fp)

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