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The health insurance companies AOK Saarland, AOK Rhineland-Palatinate and IKK Südwest merge to form the Health Insurance Fund Southwest

The General Local Health Insurance Fund AOK Saarland and AOK Rhineland-Palatinate will form an association with the IKK Südwest. The new "Health Insurance Southwest" emerges from the three health insurers.

A common large statutory health insurance company will emerge from three small health insurance companies. According to internal circles, the administrative boards of AOK Saarland and AOK Rhineland-Palatinate already approved the merger on Monday and Tuesday. Next Thursday, the IKK Südwest wants to advise on the proposed merger. If all three health insurance companies merge, the "Health Insurance Fund Southwest" would result. Around 1.9 million people would then be insured in the newly compiled health insurance companies. Health economists assume a total financial volume of around 5 billion euros. Approximately 4,500 employees would be employed after the merger.

New health insurance company Südwest is liable for IKK
Compared to the Handelsblatt, the CEO of the AOK Rhineland-Palatinate, Walter Bockemühl, emphasized that the possible liability of the IKK Südwest in the context of another merger in the ranks of the guild funds does not play a major role. On August 1, 2011, the IKK Classic and the United IKK merged to form the sixth largest health insurance company in Germany. Yesterday, the board of directors of both funds approved the merger. The new health insurance fund will continue to be called "IKK classic" and will insure around 3.6 million health insurance patients. No additional contribution is planned for the coming year 2011.

As a result of the second major merger of the United IKK and the IKK classic, the AOK is now also liable. However, the liability risk is limited to 32 million euros and is limited to 2 years. That means a liability of only 16 million euros per year and corresponds to 0.3 percent of the budget volume of the new health insurance company Southwest.

A new CEO has already been appointed for the new health insurance company. In all likelihood it will be IKK-Südwest's boss Frank Spaniol. "After the positive decisions of the board of directors of AOK Saarland and AOK Rhineland-Palatinate, I am confident that the board of directors of IKK Südwest will also agree to this groundbreaking large-scale merger," Spaniol commented in the Handelsblatt. The planned merger is the first in Germany because three health insurance companies come from two different associations. No additional contributions are planned so far. (sb)

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