VdK calls for poverty reduction program

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VdK calls for poverty reduction program
Social association VdK sees its position confirmed by UN analysis

"Poverty reduction must be at the top of the political agenda," said VdK President Ulrike Mascher on the occasion of a recently published United Nations analysis of the social situation in Germany. "The UN confirms the position of the VdK social association that the federal government must finally launch a comprehensive poverty reduction program." A first step would be to set up poverty officers at the federal and state levels to coordinate social, labor market, health and educational policy measures to combat poverty.

The UN analysis refers to figures from the year 2008. VdK President Ulrike Mascher described it as "particularly frightening" that little has changed in the area of ​​child poverty since then. The participation of poor children has hardly improved. "The federal government's education package is largely ineffective," Mascher said, "it would be much more effective to use these resources where children are looked after every day: in schools, daycare centers and kindergartens, for example for lunch, music lessons and tutoring." Here, discrimination-free treatment could also be implemented much better, and many poor families felt stigmatized by going to the office.

Mascher described the high number of so-called Hartz IV "top-ups" - the UN report assumes 1.3 million people whose income is insufficient despite work - as "a sign of a misguided labor market policy that is too much based on low wages and forms of employment such as temporary work puts". In this context, she pointed out the risk of growing old-age poverty: "Those who have to receive Hartz IV despite work today will not be able to live on their pensions." It can already be seen that the number of basic security recipients increases significantly in old age: Between 2003 and 2009 there was an increase of 55 percent. "This development runs parallel to the increasing decline in the value of pensions," explained Mascher. Pensioners have been dependent on general wage developments for years due to the pension reduction factors, and they also do not benefit from the current upswing: "This year's low pension increase of 0.99 percent is more than being overtaken by inflation of 2.3 percent." Mascher warned: "The gap between rich and poor must not continue to grow. This endangers social peace." (Michael Pausder)

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