AOK Bayern has no additional contribution

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AOK Bayern has no additional contribution

The Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse AOK Bayern wants to continue to waive the additional contribution. This was announced by the CEO of the health insurance company in Munich on Wednesday.

AOK Bayern policyholders can look forward to. The health insurance company does not introduce an additional contribution. According to CEO Helmut Platzer, the local health insurance fund has a stable budget and will most likely end the current year 2011 with a surplus. The members of the cash register can expect to be able to start the coming year 2012 without additional contributions. Around 4.3 million people are currently insured in the Bavarian AOK. The fund gives its annual household volume at over 11 billion euros. The cash register did not quantify how high the surplus would be.

After the end of the City BKK, 12 health insurance companies are still charging an additional contribution. Most health insurance companies with additional contributions charge eight euros per month and member. If a statutory health insurance company charges an additional contribution, insured persons can exercise their special right of termination. (sb)

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