AOK checks thousands of prescription frauds

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Thousands of pharmacists bill for wrong medication

The Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse (AOK) claims to have discovered a comprehensive prescription fraud, in which several thousand pharmacies allegedly billed drugs that were never on the market. The pharmacists, however, are resisting the allegations and stressing that the error lies in the AOK discount contracts with the pharmaceutical manufacturers.

How the current dispute over the alleged accounting fraud will end has so far been completely open. The AOK reports 30,000 cases in which medications that are currently not even available on the German market are allegedly given to patients. As long as drugs with the same active ingredient were dispensed, there is probably no health risk for the patient, said the AOK federal association. However, no guarantee can be given for the drug safety of the preparations. Also, the prescriptions do not show which medicines were actually prescribed. The AOK suspects that the currently detected fraud cases are only a fraction of the actual cases. The fraud was only noticed because a pharmaceutical manufacturer had received invoices for the wholesale discount for the drug, which had been proven not to be on the market.

Prescriptions contain medications that are not on the market At present, tens of thousands of suspected cases of prescription fraud are being examined by the AOK, the health insurance company reports. In June alone, 30,000 recipes were affected. According to the AOK, the public prosecutor will be involved. The health insurance company assumes that further cases of prescription fraud could be uncovered in the further course of the investigation. However, the pharmacist notes a drug that is apparently not on the market on the prescriptions and the health insurance company comes across the prescription fraud with his nose, but seems to be incomprehensible to outsiders. This could also be an indication that the pharmacists, as claimed by the Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations (ABDA), did not act fraudulently but only in the interests of the patients. Because according to the ABDA, delivery problems of the pharmaceutical manufacturers with whom the AOK has negotiated discount contracts are the real problem. Manufacturers are often unable to supply the medication they need, which means that pharmacies are actually obliged to "dispense a medication that does not exist," the ABDA said. With the current reports about a thousandfold prescription fraud, the public is "against better knowledge" unsettled only to distract from their own mistakes, the accusation of the pharmacists towards AOK.

Doubts about prescription fraud Even though individual pharmacists and doctors are repeatedly struck by billing and prescription fraud, which focus on personal profit and not the well-being of the patient, the situation with the current allegations by the AOK seems to be a bit more complex. It is doubtful that so many pharmacists should have tried to make money fraudulently with a non-existent drug, even if this were theoretically possible. However, the public prosecutor now has to clarify how the prescriptions with medicines not on the market actually came about. (fp)

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