Do not brush your teeth immediately after vomiting

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Pregnancy: Do not brush your teeth immediately after vomiting

Many women experience nausea during pregnancy and often have to vomit. However, after vomiting, the toothbrush should not be used immediately to brush the teeth. This was explained by the German Society for Aesthetic Dentistry / DGÄZ, the Dentista Club and the Federal Association of Pediatric Dentists in Germany in a joint brochure with the title: "Prophylaxis for mother and child". It is better to clean the teeth with a mouthwash solution first.

Brushing in the immediate aftermath of vomiting can damage the tooth enamel, which is softened on the surface immediately after being passed on due to contamination with stomach acid. It is better to rinse the oral cavity intensively with a fluoride-containing mouthwash so that the tooth enamel is hardened again. After half an hour, the teeth should be cleaned with a commercially available toothpaste and toothbrush.

Another problem is the gagging sensation while brushing your teeth. For some women, the attraction is so pronounced that brushing your teeth sometimes seems almost impossible. If brushing your teeth is so difficult, oral care can also be supported with a mouthwash solution. The mouthwash does not replace brushing your teeth, but can be used as an alternative if you feel sick. After rinsing, those affected should let the ingredients work as little as possible on the tooth surface. Rinsing with water should be avoided, otherwise the protective fluorides will be washed away again. After the cleaning process, simply spit out the conditioner again, the dentists advise.

Homeopathic remedies help many pregnant women to relieve nausea. Another adequate tool is acupuncture to relieve or avoid nausea. Ask your gynecologist or a naturopath. (sb)

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