Lent: Most abstain from alcohol

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Lent: Germans prefer to avoid alcohol than to drive

The Germans were most likely to avoid alcohol, sweets and meat. This resulted in a representative population survey by Forsa on behalf of the health insurance company DAK-Gesundheit. Women would also find it more sensible to forego consciously than men.

Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg are the fasting strongholds
According to the DAK evaluation, many Germans prefer to avoid alcohol, sweets and meat than their car. Only 13 percent of the total of 1013 respondents would leave their car at Lent. According to the DAK, the willingness to refrain from alcohol is greatest after the wet, happy carnival days. This was stated by 67 percent of the respondents. Chocolate and the like could pinch themselves 60 percent and 41 percent said they could do without meat during Lent.

"The participation in Lent is particularly high in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg with 56 and 54 percent," said a spokesman. "In the eastern German federal states, the proportion is 42 percent." According to DAK information, 36 percent of those surveyed had never fasted and never considered it. This contrasts with 52 percent who consciously avoided alcohol, cigarettes or sweets at least once for several weeks.

34 percent of women would switch off their cell phones during Lent, while only 27 percent of men would be willing to do so. 22 percent would be able to survive without a computer and the Internet. "As far as consumer goods are concerned, television is the most frequently named at 34 percent," the survey shows.

According to the DAK, women find 56 percent of consciously avoiding fasting during Lent, while only 49 percent of men support this.

The results of the Forsa survey commissioned by DAK-Gesundheit: The question was: "What would you most likely do without during Lent?" And this is how the survey participants answered:

• Alcohol: 67 percent
• Sweets: 60 percent
• Meat: 41 percent
• Smoking: 35 percent
• Television: 34 percent
• Mobile phone: 31 percent
• Computer / Internet: 22 percent
• Car: 13 percent

Do something good for yourself during Lent
"Many people use the time until Easter to think about their lives and possible changes," reports Silke Willms from DAK-Gesundheit. “If you want to help your body or your psyche, you shouldn't just think about doing without and bans. As an alternative, you can do something good for yourself for seven weeks. That can be a healthy diet or targeted relaxation. ”(Ag)

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