Health insurance companies: again determine contributions yourself

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GKV demands renewed contribution autonomy from statutory health insurance funds

Since the health care reform in 2009, the contribution rate for those with statutory health insurance has been set by the state. In order to strengthen competition among health insurance companies, the umbrella organization of statutory health insurance companies (GKV) is calling for renewed contribution autonomy.

Self-determination at contribution rate
"In the future, health insurance companies should determine the amount of the contribution themselves," is the demand from the association of health insurance companies. The head of the health fund, Doris Pfeiffer, told the daily newspaper "Rheinische Post (RP)" on Tuesday: "We are of the opinion that the health insurance companies should get back their contribution autonomy as a whole". Currently, the health insurance funds only have room for maneuver with the help of additional contributions or distributions of bonuses. Pfeiffer warns that politicians want effective competition from statutory health insurance, "then price competition is also part of it." Some health insurance companies have already reduced their premiums under the old conditions, the head of the health insurance company reports.

In the course of the introduction of the health fund at the beginning of 2009, the contribution rate for all health insurance companies was adjusted and fixed. The regular rate is currently 15.5 percent based on the insured person's income. According to SGB V, this is increased if the overall financial requirements of the health insurance companies increase. If individual health insurers require higher income, they have to introduce an additional contribution and can also determine the lump sum themselves. Politicians want the number of providers to be minimized by competition in the future. (sb)

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