With heartburn and regurgitation, change of diet

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Changing your diet can relieve heartburn

Heartburn and belching hours after the meal are uncomfortable and significantly reduce the quality of life of those affected. The Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) recommends changing your diet. Those who do without coffee, carbonated drinks, fatty foods and sour fruits can often alleviate the complaint.

Surgery is the last resort for heartburn If more stomach contents get into it due to a defective occlusion between the stomach and esophagus, there is more frequent regurgitation and heartburn. In many cases, the refluxing gastric acid triggers inflammation of the mucous membrane (inflammation of the esophagus) in the esophagus, the so-called reflux disease.

"If a reflux disease is diagnosed, many people are worried about secondary diseases such as esophageal cancer," reports Andreas Waltering, deputy head of the health information department at IQWiG "Case of esophageal cancer develop." But esophageal cancer is also rare in people with Barrett's esophagus: About one in 100 people will develop it within ten years, "says Waltering.

Heartburn is often perceived as very uncomfortable by those affected. "These complaints can be extremely stressful," explains Waltering, adding that the symptoms also "affect sleep and general well-being". The IQWiG advises those affected on its Internet portal Gesundheitsinformation.de to change their eating habits. Coffee, carbonated drinks, sour fruit and high-fat food should therefore be avoided. Likewise, tobacco consumption and alcohol favor the disease and should therefore be greatly reduced. Weight loss can also help relieve symptoms. Often, those affected need a lot of patience until they have found the right treatment, according to the IQWiG.

If the gentler methods do not provide relief, there are various medications. According to IQWiG, so-called proton pump inhibitors work so well in around half of those affected that they hardly have heartburn anymore. This emerges from various studies. The last resort is surgery, but it is always associated with risks and side effects.

Naturopathy helps with heartburn In naturopathy, chamomile is particularly effective against heartburn. It has anti-inflammatory, wound healing and antispasmodic effects. In the acute case of heartburn, a cup of chamomile tea calms and relaxes the stomach. With recurring heartburn, naturopaths often recommend a roller cure with chamomile tea, which is repeated daily for at least a week. The purpose of the roll cure is to moisten as much gastric mucosa with chamomile tea as possible to enhance the healing effect. (ag)

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