Warning of the potency drugs Golden Root Complex

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Authority warns against the use of the sexual enhancer "Golden Root Complex"

The Rhineland-Palatinate State Investigation Office warns against buying an illegal sexual enhancer. The pills labeled "Golden Root Complex" can cause serious side effects, the agency reports. Cardiac patients in particular are at risk, since simultaneous intake with cardiac medicinal products can lead to a sharp drop in blood pressure. The manufacturers advertise with a "purely herbal" mixture, but a strong drug ingredient is included.

Instead of the desired erection, there are sometimes serious side effects if consumers take the "Golden Root Complex". The manufacturers promise that the capsules only contain components from plants, but experts found the Viagra active ingredient "Sildenafil" in a very high dose in laboratory tests.

The sexual enhancer is mainly sold on the Internet, which is why the authorities have hardly any options to prevent the purchase, although the consumption of the blue capsules can even be life-threatening. Due to the strong interactions and side effects, there is also instruction that the active ingredient sildenafil may only be prescribed under strict medical supervision.

Blood pressure drop in cardiac patients possible
The active ingredient sildenafil has not been declared on the pharmaceutical packaging, according to the authorities. Erectile dysfunction is treated with the remedy. Even if sildenafil is used as intended, countless side effects such as headache, abdominal pain, stomach discomfort and dizziness are possible. If patients take heart medication, there are even life-threatening conditions such as a massive drop in blood pressure. Instead of medication, natural home remedies can help with erectile dysfunction. (sb)

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