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The hottest summer days in Germany are expected next weekend: This also means protecting yourself against too much heat and sun rays.

After the summer was initially not at its best, the temperatures in August even rose to 35 degrees. The German weather service has announced hot masses of pleasure from Spain for the coming weekend. While many are looking forward to sunbathing and splashing around in the outdoor pool, the heat is very uncomfortable and stressful for others, especially the elderly. However, if you pay attention to sufficient fluids and avoid the blazing midday sun, you prevent health problems such as circulatory problems or sunstroke.

Never in the sun without sun protection Every child actually knows it, but many do: sizzling at 30 degrees in the blazing sun - of course without sunscreen - because of the tan. The sunburn is pre-programmed. However, one or the other sun worshiper seems to ignore that this can develop into skin cancer in the worst case. Overloading the skin releases messenger substances such as histamine, which can cause, among other things, dilation of the vessels, reddening of the skin and itching. Degeneration of the skin cells can also occur. Horn cells then form so-called keratoses, which look similar to warts and can develop into white skin cancer. Mutant pigmented cells can even degenerate into particularly dangerous black skin cancer.

In order to protect yourself from sunburn and serious skin cancer, experts advise the use of sunscreens with a high sun protection factor (SPF) such as SPF 30. The sunscreen should also be applied generously and nationwide.

Drink a lot of liquid in high heat. The body sweats and loses a lot of liquid in high heat. Sufficient fluid should be drunk to prevent dehydration. Usually two to three liters per day are recommended. However, the amount can be increased in summer. Water, fruit juice spritzers and milk are best suited because they contain valuable electrolytes in addition to the liquid.

Even if the demand for ice-cold drinks is very high at high temperatures, lukewarm drinks like tea are more suitable. If drinks are drunk from the refrigerator, the body has to use additional energy to bring the liquid to body temperature. One should avoid this effort.

Mediterranean food is more digestible in high heat. When eating, care should also be taken not to put additional strain on the body. Therefore, a light Mediterranean diet is recommended, which consists of a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, little lean meat, fish, low-fat milk products and olive oil. Warm dishes are more digestible if they are consumed in the evening at slightly lower temperatures. At lunchtime a salad is often enough. (ag)

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