Doctors dissatisfied with 1800 euro fee increase

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Doctors should receive an average of 1,800 euros more fees per year

As announced by the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance (GKV) on Thursday in Berlin, every doctor should receive an average of 1,800 euros more in future. The doctors failed with their demand for a significant increase in fees. Instead of the required 11 percent, they should only receive an income increase of 0.9 percent. "In the future, doctors will receive an additional total of 300 million euros," said the umbrella organization of health insurance companies. The medical associations are by no means satisfied with this result and are threatening protests.

Medical associations threaten protests
Next year, resident doctors will receive a total of 270 million euros more under the new regulation. This corresponds to an average increase in income of 1,800 euros per year, as the GKV reported after the negotiations with the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) on Thursday in Berlin.

The so-called Extended Evaluation Committee, which includes representatives of doctors and health insurers as well as three impartial members, decided on the increase in remuneration after doctors and health insurers were unable to reach an agreement in a month-long dispute. The KBV representatives spoke out against the decision of the body, chaired by the impartial health economist Jürgen Wasem, but were ultimately overruled. "This is not the result demanded by the health insurance companies, but it is a sensible solution that meets the interests of both sides," argued Johann-Magnus von Stackelberg, GKV vice chief.

"An increase of a low 0.9 percent is not possible with us," explained KBV boss Andreas Köhler. “Since 2008, cost increases and inflation have not been taken into account. The mood in the medical profession is highly explosive. "An increase in fees of 11 percent was justified. The negotiations had ended with a fatal result for doctors and psychotherapists." Those who send out such signals need not be surprised if the next generation of medical workers fails to appear and no successors are to be found for country doctor's practices. ”The KBV boss announced a“ clearly perceptible sign ”that should be set with the associations and all participating doctors at a special meeting of representatives on Saturday to show what to do with the decision A spokesman for the KBV said that since the KBV, as a corporation under public law, should not call for protests, it is very likely that free medical associations would stimulate appropriate actions, and also indicated that the KBV might file a lawsuit with the social court.

GKV welcomes the result of the extended evaluation committee Von Stackelberg supports the result of the tough negotiations. The cash registers would also not have achieved their required result - a fee reduction of 2.2 billion euros. "Despite the impressive increases in recent years, doctors' fees will continue to rise, albeit not to the extent that their association representatives had sought," said the SHI Vice-President. "For the contributors, there is no major cost surge that the one -to-one implementation of the medical demands would have meant. ”According to the health insurance association, the doctors had received 33.3 billion euros last year, compared to 27.4 billion euros four years earlier.

Jens Spahn (CDU), health policy spokesman for the Union parliamentary group, considers the anger of the medical profession understandable: "I understand the resentment of the doctors in view of the rather meager result." unacceptable, which would permanently poison the relationship between doctors and health insurers.

Heinz Lanfermann (FDP) held back on evaluating the result and explained to the newspaper “Welt”: “Basically, it is correct that no minus has come out.” At the same time, he warned the medical community against quick and violent protests. “I know not whether that’s the right way to close practices now. It doesn’t have to be the case that you’re going to use one now. "

The health politician Karl Lauterbach (SPD) also appeals to the doctors not to carry out the conflict at the patient's expense. It was disproportionate to immediately threaten to close the practice. "It must not be the case that sick people cannot go to the doctor only because the dispute over an increase in fees has not been resolved." (Ag)

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