The last flu wave was very moderate

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Last flu wave 2011/2012 was very moderate

As always in autumn, the health authorities are calling for a flu shot. However, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the last flu wave was "very moderate". Nevertheless, the RKI calls for vaccination. Especially pregnant women, the elderly and the chronically ill should consider vaccination.

According to the RKI, around 2.1 million people consulted their general practitioner in winter 2011/2012 because they suffered from typical influenza symptoms such as fever, body aches and chills. "This is the lowest value in eight years," said the RKI. However, around 7400 people had to be admitted to a clinic. This means that the estimated hospitalizations due to a flu infection were slightly higher than in previous moderate flu times.

The last flu season started relatively late in February 2012 and continued until around April. The RKI points out that “the strength of flu waves cannot be predicted”. In addition, it typically has different effects in different regions, risk groups and age groups. “Even with moderate flu waves like in the previous season 2011/12, the individual risk of a serious illness can be high. In general, chronically ill people, the elderly over 60, pregnant women and medical staff should be vaccinated against the flu before each flu season, preferably in October or November, ”says the RKI.

The results of the RKI's influenza surveillance in the 2011/12 season are based on the data
of the Sentinel System of the Influenza Working Group (AGI) for the occurrence of acute respiratory diseases in general practice. The results are also based on virological examinations of samples from patients with symptoms typical of influenza. (sb)

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