Study: Homeopathy saves costs

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Study: Homeopathy can save health costs

A double-blind study of sepsis patients in the intensive care unit at the General Hospital AKH in Vienna - Medical University Campus, proved it: The survival rate of the patients treated with homeopathy was far higher than that of the placebo group.

Homeopathy is also effective for traumatic brain injuries or tuber poisoning, explained the doctor and chemist Fritz Dellmour at a conference of the Austrian Society for Homeopathic Medicine (ÖGHM) at the end of September. According to a Swiss study, homeopathy is 15 percent cheaper than conventional medicine. In the Netherlands, a study of 150,000 insured people showed cost savings of up to 25 percent and a reduction in hospital stays by 38 percent, said the new ÖGHM President Dr. Erfried Pichler.

The analysis showed that patients from primary care physicians with additional medical training in homeopathy, anthroposophy or acupuncture cost less and live longer. The study compared the total cost of patients complementary to that of general practitioners
were treated at the cost of patients treated conventionally by general practitioners. The medical and hospital costs, medication and rescue costs were raised for this. (pm)

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