Health: fruits and vegetables with every meal

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With a healthy diet, fruits and vegetables should be eaten with every meal

Fruit or salad should go with every meal. Even a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice for breakfast or a fresh salad for lunch can promote health. On the occasion of the Healthy Eating Day the consumer initiative in Berlin advises "to enrich every meal with fruit or vegetables".

Fruit, salad or vegetables should be part of every meal. With this method, the daily amount of 400 grams of vegetables and 250 grams of fruit recommended by nutritionists can be achieved. Fruit should already be part of the first meals at breakfast. As an alternative, it is advisable to drink a glass of pure fruit juice. In practice, it is "to chop fruit or vegetables for snacks". Then eating is easier and more fun.

The total amount of fruit and vegetables is important
For lunch, a salad plate as a main course or a side salad or a main course with lots of vegetables is recommended. "Tomatoes, radishes or cucumber slices as a topping or side dish" taste good on the bread with the evening meal. If you do not manage to eat the recommended daily ration of vegetables and fruit in five meals a day, you can also do this with an extensive main meal. "It is important that the recommended total amount is eaten". Numerous studies indicate that regular fruit and vegetable consumption can lower the risk of cancer and slow the aging process. (sb)

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