Germs at the premature ward of the HSK in Wiesbaden

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Four premature babies in the Horst Schmidt clinics in Wiesbaden infected with germs

After the detection of dangerous germs in the Horst Schmidt clinics (HSK) in Wiesbaden, the affected premature ward was closed for the time being. "The station will be closed until further notice, probably until at least the end of the week," the HSK said. The individual rooms should now be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The children infected with Klebsiella pneumoniae are in a stable condition.

The Klebsiella pneumoniae germ was detected in four children at the premature baby unit and "another child is probable," reports the hospital. "The affected children were cohorted and isolated," with two different nursing and medical teams taking care of the affected and unaffected children in order to avoid further contact transfers, according to the official announcement from the HSK. Klebsiella pneumoniae are intestinal germs that do not normally pose any particular health risk. However, if the immune system is weakened or - as with premature babies - not yet fully developed, pneumonia and severe inflammation of the urinary tract are at risk. In the worst case, the infections can be fatal.

The condition of the children has been stable so far, according to the clinic's report, the “adhesives detected” are ESBL formers with an almost identical antibiogram, so it cannot be ruled out that they are the same pathogen. ”It is very likely that they came from the relatives of one of the affected children. The bacterium Klebsiella pneumoniae was probably transmitted from the mother of a child, said director of the children's clinic at a press conference called. The intestinal germ was therefore found for the first time in January, but could not be detected later. Now the adhesives had appeared again at the weekend with the originally infected child and with other premature babies. Fortunately, the children's condition has so far been stable.

Comprehensive measures to eliminate the germs initiated The Horst Schmidt clinics immediately informed the health department in Wiesbaden after the detection of the germs and initiated further countermeasures. The ward has been closed since yesterday and "the individual rooms will be cleared if the children are tested negatively and are stable enough to be moved to other wards," the HSK said. Comprehensive hygienic measures were initiated, with the clinic staff being trained by the expert Prof. Dr. Eikmann, head of hygiene and environmental medicine at the University Hospital Gießen. After the rooms have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, they must be released by the hygiene officers before they can be re-occupied. The doctors also hope to gain more insight into the germs through a so-called ESBL screening examination. Environmental studies should also provide further information about possible sources of infection.

Germs on premature babies a recurring problem Germs on premature babies have repeatedly caused tragic deaths in the past, with the Bremen-Mitte clinic, for example, struggling with multi-resistant germs in the premature unit for months last year. The problem is also known in other hospitals. In the current case, in addition to the comprehensive countermeasures that have been initiated, the comprehensive information of the public and the personal contacting of the parents appear to be commendable in order to inform them about the outbreak and the closure of the ward as well as the further procedure discussed. According to local politicians, the clinic management has shown itself to be quite responsible. (fp)

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