Spas Association calls for more mother-child cures

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Every fourth mother-child treatment application is rejected

Are mother-child cures rarely approved by health insurance companies? At least that is what the Bavarian Spa Association and the mothers recovery center in Bavaria claim and therefore demand more consent in the interests of mothers and children. The Catholic Caritas Association can confirm this. According to their calculations, much more mother-child cures are reimbursed today than only a few years ago. But: "Around every fourth mother-child cure is rejected".

In a new statement, the mother's recovery center and the Bavarian spa association criticize the lack of commitment by the statutory health insurers. According to the accusation, the health insurance companies would do too little for the health of mothers and children. "Every fourth application for a mother-child cure is rejected", confirms Stefan Wagner, Caritas member in the association of the mother's recovery organization, on Friday in Munich. Actually, these cures are standard benefits of the health insurers and were among the mandatory benefits. Both associations want to implement health services for parents and children in Bavaria in the future. As a first step, the websites will merge.

The mother-child houses of the Caritas Association are also included in the so-called health finder. The counseling centers of the mother recovery center help, for example, with inquiries from families whose relatives are suffering from diabetes, asthma and mental illnesses. More offers should also be designed on the topic of "caring relatives". This need arises from the fact that more and more people are suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's and are being cared for by their relatives. "Dementia or Alzheimer's play an increasingly important role in family care," said Klaus Holetschek, chairman of the spa association. Therefore, the Kurhäuser will realize more such offers in the future.

Decline in outpatient pension benefits
According to evaluations by the Spas Association, the number of outpatient pension benefits has dropped dramatically since the 1990s. At that time 900,000 cures were carried out across Germany, today (2012) there are only 58,000. The reduction in pension benefits contrasts with the increase in diseases. Back pain, diabetes and stress disorders such as burn-out have increased significantly. In this context, Holetschek also referred to the current stress report of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. It was found there that every second professional suffers from permanent stress. One in five said during a survey study that they felt overwhelmed. The mother's recovery center sees evidence of the increase in widespread diseases.

Since 2007, members of the health insurance fund have been legally entitled to a treatment with their children if the family doctor supports it. However, a "diagnosis" is not enough. An application to the health insurance company must be made. Last year, a new guideline was created in which exhaustion was also recognized as a reason for a mother-child cure. (sb)

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