High blood pressure: living healthier without salt?

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The cookbook "Eat well for high blood pressure" helps

Cardiovascular diseases, and with them high blood pressure, are the number one cause of death in Germany. Although the symptoms are easy to recognize and easy to treat, the widespread disease often remains undetected for a long time.

The Stiftung Warentest has published a new book on this subject called "Eating well for high blood pressure". It is intended to help sufferers to better understand the disease and to show ways of active prevention.

One tip is to use fresh food, among other things, and to avoid preparing canned dishes. Rice and pasta should only be salted after cooking. This way, the products absorb less salt. Generally we all salt more than necessary when preparing our dishes. A low-salt diet can lower blood pressure in those affected. Our sense of taste, accustomed to salt, adapts to the low-salt preparation after just a few days, and the more so, the better it is possible to give dishes a tasty note with herbs and spices.

A low-salt diet does not necessarily have to taste bland. More than 80 recipes are described in the book and are intended to facilitate the change in diet: saffron risotto, lentils with bacon, pancakes and sweet and sour marinade are just a few examples that are easy to prepare and also bring changes.

In addition, the reader is expertly explained what else can be done against high blood pressure, which medications work and which therapies are known. Nutritionist Dagmar von Gramm, a member of the Presidium of the German Nutrition Society, designed and contributed the recipes to this book. The author Dagmar Nolte is known as a medical journalist. The 207-page book "Gut Essen bei Hypertension" will be available from the end of August. (fr)

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