Drinking water helps you lose weight

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Those who drink water before meals lose more weight in the long run.

This has been suspected for a long time, now the Berlin Charité has come to the same result in an evaluation: Those who go on a diet may lose more weight if they drink water regularly before meals.

This emerges from the analysis of various German and international studies by the Berlin Charité. Published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. "In a study, half a liter of water before each meal led to an additional loss of one to two kilos within three months," said nutrition scientist Rebecca Muckelbauer of the Charité on Thursday day of the AFP news agency.

Berlin researchers wanted to know more about whether drinking water helps you lose weight or not, and did some research. Although this assumption is widespread, research is rare, according to a Charité statement. In order to obtain clear results, the scientists evaluated around 5000 entries in databases on studies and articles in specialist journals. According to Charité, only 13 studies received information on the effects of water on weight.

Two studies contained results that confirmed the positive assumption. Study participants who regularly drank water before eating lost 1 to 2 kg more than those who did not.

Muckelbauer found that drinking water leads to a feeling of satiety in older people aged 50 and older than in younger people. "The elderly consumed fewer calories if they drank water before a meal," she said. Drinking a glass of water before meals is a well-known trick for eating less. The liquid fills the stomach and the feeling of satiety occurs earlier. (fr)

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