Study: Cancer costs the EU 126 billion euros

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New study: cancer costs the European Union 126 billion euros

A new British study has delivered interesting results. The 27 EU member states have to spend 126 billion euros annually on cancer costs and their consequences. The study recorded the burdens on health systems and the resulting damage to the economy. These results were published in the latest issue of "The Lancet". The researchers used information from 150 different sources for their investigation. As insufficient up-to-date data was available, the results are based on data from 2009. Later figures were not available.

The researchers were not only concerned with the direct costs of the cancers that burden the healthcare system. The focus was also on the costs incurred by the absence of caregivers of cancer patients from the workplace of the economy. The researchers came up with 51 billion euros in costs that arise directly in the healthcare system. Around 60 percent are to be counted as economic effects, for example due to premature retirement of those affected from working life or as a result of consequences for relatives.

Up to three billion nursing hours per year is also interesting because of the result of three billion nursing hours that relatives spend each year on nursing and care. Expenditures vary widely across the EU. The average was 102 euros per inhabitant of the European Union. For Germany, 171 euros / year were calculated per citizen. In Romania it came to 52 euros. (fr)

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