Risk of injury: winery recalls wine

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Risk of injury! Recall for German wine

"Caution! Risk of injury!" A winery on the Moselle is recalling various wines because of the danger of bursting bottles. Batches that were available in the Lidl and Real supermarkets are affected. There is also a warning about a French raw milk cheese.

There is a risk of glass breakage due to the fermentation process
The Zimmermann-Graeff & Müller winery in Zell an der Mosel has recalled several batches of wine to protect its customers. Since an increase in pressure in the bottles could occur due to a fermentation process, there is a risk of injury because the glass bottles could burst. "The winery asks not to consume products from the affected batches and to dispose of them carefully in a plastic bag," says the "Food Warning" page. The purchase price will be reimbursed even without presentation of the receipt.

Four affected wines
The affected wines are:
- Vine engraver 2012 Morio Muskat quality wine sweet Palatinate (1 liter, lot number: L3213-2684)
- Mosel quality wine sweet 2012 (1 liter, lot number: L3133A1)
- Hans Köfer 2012 Morio Muskat quality wine Palatinate sweet (1 liter, lot number: L3213-2684)
- Hans Köfer Palatinate Country Wine Red semi-dry (1 liter, lot number: L3177-0823)
According to the information, the bottles concerned were available in supermarket stores from Sky, Plaza, Real and Lidl.

French cheese loaded with listeria
As can also be seen from the information on the website mentioned above, the authorities warned on Thursday of a French raw milk cheese that is contaminated with dangerous listeria. The affected cheese is Fromage de Brebis of the Claousou and Lou Sounal brands with the best-before dates of December 12, 23 and 28, 2013 and January 4, 2014. According to the information, consumption can cause a fever, with or without a headache. It is advised that in this case consumers should consult a doctor and advise him of a suspected Listeria.

Pregnant women at risk
Listeria are bacteria that can trigger the dangerous disease listeriosis. In this context, people who have poor physical defense are particularly at risk. In addition, pregnant women have an approximately 12-fold higher risk of developing listeriosis. The course of the disease is similar to that of a flu. Initially, sufferers suffer from diarrhea and severe abdominal pain. As the process progresses, fever, severe headache, paralysis and drowsiness may occur. In some cases, listeriosis can even lead to death. One of the biggest problems in diagnosing and treating listeriosis is recognizing the disease too late. Because it can take up to two months between infection and illness. Therefore, the symptoms described should be taken seriously. Treatment with detection is carried out with antibiotics. (ad)

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